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Smart Cookie Photo was founded in the Winter of 2016 in Houston, TX, inspired by a coworker of mine that was a commercial freelance photographer in addition to his day job. I hastily jumped into a small studio and bought what supplies I thought would supplement a studio. Little did I know, the journey to becoming a (commercial) photographer would be a long and arduous one. As I rounded into 2017, I found out I was pregnant in February and joined forces with Yahaira DeHill.

The bulk of my work in 2017 was in partnership with Yahaira. In 2018, we decided to branch out and go independent. You can check out Yahaira’s work at her Instagram here.

I was fortunate to get gigs and equipment upgrades in 2018 that would help to build my artistic style, both behind the camera and during post production. I specialize in portrait and events and would like to branch out into commercial. Below is a portfolio that will be constantly changing.

Now, in 2019 I have relocated to Austin and left my ‘home’ market of Houston and am looking to establish myself as a lifestyle photographer, while building my brand as a digital marketer. Thank you to all my clients and family and friends who have gotten in front of my camera and allowed me to capture your essence, yall are the Smart Cookies!

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Last Updated: June 10, 2019

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