Valentine’s Day

I am so fortunate to have the family and friends that I have, they’re more than what I could have ever asked for. They know my needs more than me at times. SO many people have been here to help me up after I’ve fallen. Even to intervene before a fall has taken place, the capacity to love and the depth of love that I’ve been shown in the past two years has been astounding. The slow erosion of my dysfunctional love has allowed me to find love in the connections of friends and family that have always been there.

Sometimes Love can manifest itself in simply being present and offering your time and ears.

I haven’t written a poem in awhile so I took a little pause to love myself and my (chosen) family. That’s a revolutionary act in its own right from someone who struggles to fully accept and love herself.

So, I will revel in the love that others have so graciously shown to me.


When you can recognize the stillness of sleep, from the hours of rocking you clocked

When Grandpa goes the extra mile because they see you doing your best

When They smile at waking up next to you

When their Great Cousin tells you you’re family and treats you like it

When they hold your hand because they want you, not need you

When your Sister says I got Him, you go

When They don’t readily give kisses, but will present their cheek for one

When your Coworker reminds you to value yourself

When They look for you in times of the unfamiliar because you’ve given them security

When Tía goes to the first doctor’s appointment and pulls up when your water breaks

When their eyebrows are furrowed, lips upturned and sincerely offer hugs

When your Brother welcomes you into his home and fixes yall a homecooked meal

When they barrage you with strings of mom mom mom, as a nod to all you’ve done

When their Aunties are nap time cushions

When their fingers are stretched and wiggling waiting for your strength to uplift them

When their Nanny consistently boosts your parenting

When They make faces at you knowing you gladly return the gesture

When your Partner watches them so you can nap

When They have a screaming fit from your discipline and still want your arms to comfort them

When their Granny sends them curriculum before their one

When They find relief in the crook of your neck

When their Great Auntie bolsters you through your baby blues

When it’s the middle of the night, bathroom door shut, on the toilet with a hot shower running so They can breathe a little easier

When your Friend offers you refuge and redemption and ultimately becomes Family

When your Village rotates 10-hour shifts, so you can do your 8-hour shift

When you realize you can provide

When Their whole face lights up in genuine joy that you’ve returned

Of course I would, I love you baby

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