Sick Day


I’ll keep it short.

I was so happy about daycare and we both got sick. Aint that something?

I just thought it was so funny how excited I was and that same day my baby started showing symptoms and two days later I was down for the count.

We’re over it now. Today marks a week since he’s been symptomatic, so his infection window has just closed. Today is my 5th day of being symptomatic so I am also outside of the window.

No fever, just a regular cold with nasal and throat mucous.

Some things I changed during our sick days were to up our vitamin c intake. We ate an orange every day, mangoes, cantaloupe, coconut and papaya (Buddha is not a fan of papaya, lol). We ate square meals and ate veggies (found out he loves cherry tomatoes) and fruits for snacks instead of starches. We did still have some cereal breaks, hehe. Damn Annie’s Cocoa Bunnies got US hooked.

Let’s see… Buddha takes Mommy’s Bliss cough syrup at night and Zarbee’s cough syrup during the day. I used a nasal aspirator with Little Remedies Saline drops (I prefer theirs) because I left my nose frida in Houston. I have to strong arm that boy to give him medicine or take his snot out, up until these last few cough syrup applications where he’ll sit still and open his mouth for me.

Being sick and having to take care of a baby is probably the most miserable side of being a single parent. It’s the ONLY time I wish I had help in any avenue. Besides that doing everything for us is pretty rewarding. Difficult, but I like a challenge. The other downside is we also got the family that we’re staying with sick -_- , I’m sure their baby is the only one safe because she’s the only one drinking mother’s milk.



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